Friday, 9 May 2014

Our new site is open!

Hi there!
Our new site is finally open. Here's a link Miss Adeline's School For Dolls. Please go and check it out. Thank you for your patience in waiting for it to open. From now on, this site is closed and will only be available as a resource, except for teachers posting all of the grades that they haven't got round to posting yet. Then this site will be no longer active.
Thank you to everyone who made EIDA possible, both teachers, students and readers. We hope you have enjoyed your time here and will click over and join us at our new school.
It is not restricted to particular dolls, but most of the worksheets etc. will be scaled for the 18-inch type.
Students from this site will be gradually transferred over to the new one in the next week or so. From then on, if they aren't active members of the school (not submitting or completing work) for three months after being transferred or enrolled, their account for MASFD will be deleted. However, they may re-enroll afterwards if they so desire.
Comment below if you have any questions!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Grades for the Extra Credit English Assignment

Hi there!
I'm sure you girls have all been eagerly awaiting your grades for this assignment, so here we go!
I only got two back, but that's okay.
It was just a fun one for extra credit anyway, so no one actually had to do it.
I will grade Samantha's first:

Name: Samantha Parkington

My favorite Winter Olympic sport is ice skating. I like it because the skaters look very graceful. Thier costumes are very pretty. I like the ice dancing part, it looks very pretty and I love the way they dance on ice like they have been skating before they learned to walk! The figure skating is nice because they look like they are doing ballet. I love the flips and spins that they do, especially the one where the man throws the lady in the air and she spins around, and then the man catches her - all while they are skating on that slippery ice! A very big and beautiful feat.

The basics of why I like figure skating are: They look pretty, they look very at home on the ice, their costumes are beautiful, and lastly, they perform amazing feats that are a lot of fun to watch!

Samantha Parkington

Samantha, you essay flows very nicely, and you have also included some good points on why you like that sport. Your grade is:


Well done, Samantha!

Next up is Melody's one:

My Favourite Olympic Sport
By Melody

Today, I have been asked to write about my favourite Olympic Sport. I have chosen to write about figure-skating.

Figure skating is my favourite sport because I love how graceful the skaters look on the ice. All of those perfect twists, turns, jumps and glides just make me gasp in amazement at all of the effort that must go into it.

I especially like all the amazing costumes that skaters wear. Floaty skirts, shiny fabric, beads, sequins--bliss!

And that is why figure skating is my favourite Olympic Sport.


Melody, your essay was great as well, but it didn't flow into the ending as nicely as Samantha's did, therefore your grade is:


Good job, Melody.

I was happy to see that I had at least two essays turned in and how much work was put into them. Wonderful job, girls!

For anyone who was wondering about the school newsletter still not being out, we don't have enough entries yet, so please get writing!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Extra credit English assignment and announcements

Dear Students,
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get this up, but here's an optional English Assignment that you can do for extra credit.

The information you will need to complete and submit your essay is included below.

Details for Extra Credit English Assignment

You will be submitting it via email this time, so you won't need a form to submit it.

The Student of the Month Award For February is coming up soon, so make sure you work extra hard!

I've still only got one entry for the School Newsletter! So Here's the link to submit it again, in case you have trouble finding the old post.

Assignments for levels 3, 4 & 5 will be posted within the next couple of days.
I apologise for the delays.

Don't forget to submit your essay before the 26th of February!

Note: Even if you haven't received a verification email yet, and you have a student enrolled in this subject, she may do it anyway, as there has been a few issues with the form, which should all get sorted out shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Craft – Make a Doll Pencil

First you need a toothpick, scissors, duck tape, yellow marker, pink marker, and a pencil

First chop off one end of the toothpick.

next, color it yellow
After that add duck tape
then color the end pink
once you did that color the other end with the pencil.
and your done!!
Now you have a pencil for homework! :) Send your finished project to Miss Adeline by the 25th of February!

Monday, 10 February 2014

English class!

Good afternoon, Students!

Here are level one and two's assignments and information for English class.

Level one students:
You will be writing a short story about a dog.
It is due by the 17th of February.
The links to submit and read all your information are listed below.

Submit your finished assignment
Extra information
Story writing tips

Level two students:
Will write a review of an item you have received for Christmas.
Due by the 17th of February.
The links to submit and read all your information are listed below.

Submit your finished assignment
Extra information
Tips for writing reviews

Assignments for level three, four and five are coming soon (within the next couple of days).

Friday, 7 February 2014


Dear Students,

For some reason the last newsletter we tried to put together was a flop. I realise that and I'm sorry. This time, I will give you more time to get your entries in. You can do:


Anything you want, really! It can be anywhere from 3 sentences to 3 pages long! Please submit your entires for the newsletter via this form, before the 31st of March 2014. And there is a maximum of three entries per human or doll.

Rules before submitting:
Make sure that the content won't hurt anyone's feelings
Don't use bad language
Make sure the content is appropriate for all ages

And now for some news! We are starting………………………………………………………………………………………..


Yes, it's official! EIDA now has it's own award!

Any student who is enrolled may win one.

They will need to have shown extra good commitment and grades in all of their subjects.

I will pick one student at the end of every month (starting today!) to receive a certificate, a blog award (if desired) and have their outstanding work featured on the blog and in the newsletter.

So, you'd better get cracking if you want to win the February one!

Have fun!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Hairdressing class-Learn how to do a braided hairstyle for gymnasts

For this class you will be learning how to do a braided hairstyle for gymnasts. 

For this hair style you will need: 
A wire hair brush (it's okay if you don't  have an american girl hair brush you can  use a hair brush for hair extensions which you can easily get for you local hair shop)
2 hairbands (which you have not used in your own hair) 
And patience. Just follow this video on how to do it from Doll Diaries. And make sure to check out their website sometime, it's really cool!

Once you have practiced this a few times, and are happy with how it looks, please take a photo or two, and send them via email to Miss Adeline before February 13th. Results will be posted on the 13th or soon after.

Grades from the last hairdressing assignment will be posted as soon as possible.

Have fun!